April 9, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

Recently, I received an email regarding my position I held at a 
"Certain School" in a "Certain Town"

This is my response to the many mom's circulating my blog post around with questions.

This is solely my opinion based on my experience 

Dear Reader / Concerned MOM, 

    I want to first off tell you that I adore your email, why? It means you care. As any school goes, my children had good and bad experiences. As far as places of employment, this by far was the worst.  I feel part of the problem is lack of leadership, lack of respect for the leadership, and lack of Morals. You have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  

The Good--- they care, they put forth undivided attention and value the student. They love the student regardless of who the parent is, what the student may be going through,  or any learning disabilities. This student will thrive with the "The Good" they will feel loved and not just be shuffled through.

The Bad--- they are the one's who are there for a Pay Check! (My Opinion) 
They are tenured, so even if you complain its an act of god to get "The Bad" to change their ways. Which honestly is quite sad for the Administration, even if they want to make a change it would be terribly hard for them.  To be honest we live in this "Certain Town" which is so small, who wants to make waves? Your whole reputation depends on "WHAT" the town thinks of you. (My Opinion) 

The UGLY--- I know your most concerned with the UGLY--- Let's talk Alcohol on School Property---  I was informed later after I left my position that this staff member was let go. So rest easy !! As far as Gossip it happens, EVERYWHERE! But here it seems to have its own life cycle. It's not just gossip out of frustration, it really takes its own life form and it's sad to see how it can effect how a student is treated. 

 Experience #1 I witnessed a student, (on an IEP) get frustrated at the work he/she would be doing in class and shut down "The Ugly" get frustrated quickly and often. They make the student more frustrated by making them feel bad. The "Ugly" conjure up gossip and reasons to pick apart the student,  The "Ugly" run in packs and have others supporting them along the way all the while making the student's life more miserable.    

If an "Ugly" leaves the pack or stands up for the student in anyway they are snubbed, given the cold shoulder and ridiculed for not being a follower. Basically your "IN" or your "OUT"

Experience #2   One of my children, along with many others I know in the last few years have been diagnosed with certain learning disabilities, behavior/emotional disorders. We all share the same experience we were either told that the child's doctor was "full of sh*t" that's a direct quote, or we would have to fight and fight to get the child what we and the medical staff felt they needed. Some of us never got what we fought for, some of us did but were not satisfied with the effort, and some of us just hope and pray that in the end it will all work out. 

 My friend chose to homeschool her son who also had an IEP. Despite the districts attempts to help her son, she chose to remove him from school and by doing so drastically reduced his stress and anxiety. No matter the reasons a family decides to leave the public classroom, their choices are deeply personal. Each child may have greatly different successes and failures. What works for some my not work for all. 

As mothers we are given a intuition to know what our children may need, I hope as mothers we listen to that intuition. Don't be blinded by the wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Eventually I will open up more on my experiences here, but for now to protect what is most dear to me I remain quiet. I hope I have helped shed some light on your concerns. In closing I just want to say that good things drew us to this area. I wish I could say that was our experience. The bad outweighed the good, my husband and I were forced to make a decision and our decision as you know was to bring them home. I am not alone here, there is a handful of moms that have followed the same path. To be perfectly honest, I hope your experience is different.

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