April 29, 2014

From Average to Ideal

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If your like me you have to work towards your Ideal body weight,. My food choices have to be meticulously calculated and planned. If I fail to prepare healthy and choose convenience, I feel like a beached whale. I get grumpy, tired, and worst of all I get Headaches. So I had to start paying attention to what I was putting into my body and how much. That's when I came across a post about IdealShape.  I thought I'd give it a try, I had been using body by vi and had no reason to stop using it. I honestly like the thought of brain training!

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IdealShape is a company based out of Utah, for the last 11 years they have assisted individuals in transforming their mind and body for life by using brain training, nutrition and exercise. I received the Ideal 30 Day plan. I began the transformation first by using my shakes. When I get home from Cross fit in the morning I make a shake, I play around with the recipe's but I always use almond milk in mine. I love adding PB2 and banana's depending on my mood. I then began to add in the IdealBar's especially during the last few weeks. We are moving and I needed a quick go to. Before I started the program I made sure to read my IdealShape "For LIFE Book" ! A must for anyone who wants a true change in their health, not a quick fix but a transformation. I made sure to take the NatralShape just as the bottle indicated and I drink LOT'S of  WATER....

  • The Ideal 30 Day
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My Recipe 
Handful of ice
1 cup of Almond Milk
1 Scoop of IdealShape Chocolate 
1 tbsp of PB2
Sometimes I substitute frozen banana's for ice

Blend and Enjoy!

 I enjoyed IdealShape and will continue to use it. I will blog again once I get my "Braintraining" Cd's in the mail. I think any good change comes from within and Attitude is EVERYTHING. I like the support that IdealShape provides. I struggle with self-image and staying consistent.  That's why I feel the brain training will make a difference. I also loved that IdealShape provides additional items that support using the shakes. Such as the NatralShape, LOVE IT. I hope you take some-time to browse the website and take a look around. 



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11 Happy Thoughts:

Denise Nichole said...

Interesting! Thanks for the info.

The McPherson Family said...
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Chrissy Dolezal said...

I'm a picky shake drinker...you promise they are good?

Sara Whetten said...

@Chrissy I promise its amazing, I don't give false compliments :)

Av8trswife said...

I was hoping you would like these! I haven't had any luck with any flavors of shakes other than chocolate.

Debi Walls said...

I would love to give this a try. :)

The McPherson Family said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info! I feel the same way. I too have to calculate everything that I eat and feel sick if I get off track. I will have to try this.

Lavinia said...

I love the chocolate flavor and am enjoying how convenient this is. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Carmen said...

I like me a good meal replacement shake, but I have high standard to meet! Better be delish! ;o) Vanilla for me!

Amy Hartung said...

I have been getting back on the band-wagon, and after reading about this product...I would love to give it a try. Any amazing tasting protein shake is a bonus in my book!!!!!

Monica Dailing said...

I too struggle with my ideal body.. I truly don't know how to put me first. I am struggling several battles in my life and this would be a great opportunity if I could win..