February 20, 2014

You did, what no one else would do, and I LOVE YOU for it

There are so many reasons why I choose to "HOMESCHOOL" It seems to me that this is a new trend and society is slowly realizing that "Homeschooling" is not weird.  

These are my kids Noelle is (12) she has the short hair, Hailey is (11), and Konner is (8)

Homeschooling was a hard decision for my husband and I,  we really felt the lords hand in getting us to let go of PUBLIC EDUCATION and to bring these three home.  You see when you only know public schooling, homeschooling seems a little scary. I especially felt inadacute and tend to be very hard on myself. When you add that to the many diffrent styles of homeschooling that equals some major ANXIETY! 

  This is our first year home and as I look back, I can see how my kids have grown. They have grown to love each other, they have grown into independent learners, they have learned to be homemakers, and most important they have grown closer to heavenly father. Some friends think I chose to keep my children home to protect them from bullies, NOT SO! Diversity builds Character. Honestly, I brought my kids home to BE WITH THEM. I want to know my kids, I want a relationship with them. I want to be the main influence in their life along with God. I no longer wanted the contention in my home, the outside influences of others that in some cases HURT. 

You see I worked in Public Schools and they mainly were schools my children attended. The last school I worked at really opened my eyes. I was extremely disheartened. This is what I observed:  Time being wasted aka busy work, one of my children had fallen extremely behind but was continually moved on. She suffered for that too.  Staff would gossip about children especially ones with special needs or emotional disorders,  and finally the last straw was ALCOHOL on school property by staff members (during school hours). GASP, I KNOW!

Not all schools are like this we have fond memories of amazing schools. Schools that put the student first, have small class sizes, and sincerely cater to the needs of the child. We are not fortunate to stay with the schools we adore because we are a military family. Military=MOVING often. I have always done my research before moving to a new area, schools being my top priority of where we will reside. The lord however has another plan for us obviously why we now homeschool. 

My husband and I have always been eternally minded, as we don't live in the moment. We think everything out. We weigh the options in front of us, good and bad. Consequences and benefits you get the idea.  Homeschooling seemed to be the best option for us, although I do question if I am doing a good job I am continually reassured that I am not failing my children. I am preparing them for life, I am helping shape their minds and their eagerness to learn new things. 

I have found much inspiration on the internet to help me along my journey, I have also found it from other homeschooling mothers, my children, and heavenly father. In the end when I enter the pearly white gates I look forward to heavenly father saying "Sara" you did what no one else would do, and I want to thank you for it. Well done thy faithful servant, well done! 

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Camie Madsen said...

I love this post and you expressed your view of homeschooling beautifully. I can relate as we too move around with my husband's job (right now we live in Peru) and we started our homeschooling journey after years of sending our children to public/private schools. My kids were exposed to everything in the Peruvian, Canadian and U.S. schools they attended, including bullying, profanity and immorality, and they handled each situation admirably, but it did wear on them and we've reached the point where we believe schools in general have become spiritually unsafe. I homeschool because I love spending time with my children and having them home with me, but also to keep them safe and give them a holy place to learn. Thank you for an inspiring post.