February 11, 2014

Full Time Families

Mr.W and I are preparing to move AGAIN! This new assignment is taking us to New York, we normally start re-searching 3 months out. This move we have decided we want to down size immensily. Live way below our means so that we can be out of debt, this will include 2 cars, 2 houses (investment properties), 1 loan. I got this idea that we should buy a motor home and use all his extra income to pay down our debt. Seriously, I researched it till my eyes hurt and my fingers cramped.  I was amazed at how many families do this, but all for different reasons. I am so inspired on how little we can actually live on, and be happy. 

I love Inspiration Station, they sold or donated all their earthly possessions, packed their 6 kids in a Fun Mover and traveled the United States.  

The Kellog Family have 12 total living in a Motor Home, traveling, and enjoying the time they have with each other. 

 Little House Living gives some great tips on how to down size and some good questions to ask yourself, if you are thinking about becoming a Full Time Family.

The hard part for us is Mr.W is military so we don't really get a say to where we are off to next. New York has had one of the worst winters this year and from all my research I have gathered that unless you own private land no parks are open all year because of the winters. My dream is slowly shrinking into a someday. Plan B is to rent a small apartment and try and follow the same plan as we would have with the RV.  

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