November 24, 2013

Stay & Wait

I have been off the radar for awhile, I needed time. Time to asses the damages and repair, a reboot if you will. I often wonder what makes me so special that I seem to have to face these EPIC life changing events, during an internal battle of mind and heart I am re-assured by the spirit that something big awaits me. I face these trials because someday I will use my life experiences to help make someone's burdens lighter. At least I find comfort in that. 

The last few months I have been overcome with anger, although the anger is justified in certain situations I am not one who likes to carry hate around. It drives the spirit from me, my home & my family. To combat this I turned to the word of God the scriptures, my go to for answers, advice from my heavenly father. 

These are my words of advice to any Sister who may be faced with adversity or trial  in her life. 

Satan wants us to discouraged, he will deprive us of family relations to get us angry and unhappy. Satan deceives us through discouragement.

We must not allow Satan to turn our adversity into depression because that will stop our spiritual growth. 

Our purpose is to return to our Heavenly Father we must always remember him, he will guide us in our most darkest times. 

Scriptures are a foundation of support they can calm our agitated souls. These are all snip-its of Journal notes that have helped me overcome.

Wise words from an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day saints Dieter F. Uchdorf said 
FORGET NOT to be patient with yourself
FORGET NOT to be happy now
FORGET NOT that the lord loves you

My life is now forever changed, I rise and let my soul be lifted up and look forward to the day I face heavenly father and here him say. " Job well done, Job well done" !!! 

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