July 16, 2012

Do I still have followers?

I know it has been a very long while but when the HUBBY is Away, the mice will Play!!! Boy have we been, whew!!!! I need a vacation from my vacation. I feel so Unfaithful to my blog, it's been neglected, but when the hubby is gone something has to give. It is so hard to do it ALL!!!! My priorities are so focused on my kids, and home lately I have not made time for the things I enjoy. Blogging for instance, but that is something a military wife or single mother does. I have a very strong conviction when it comes to my family, as any person should but even more so when there father is deployed. I really have been missing Mr.W, although this deployment has been a little different we actually have been Skypeing which is so NICE.. He has been gone 2 months and we have only been able to do it twice, but I so relish the moment I see his face!!!!  You might not appreciate this photo of feet, but I do. I must tell you the story, this was right before he deployed and me and the kids would randomly take photo's of Mr.W. Being our 4th deployment whenever he would leave I never felt I had enough photo's of him ( Sorry Mr.W ). Back to the feet, So he had just gotten home from work, took of his Combat boots and sat down on the bed. Kman who is 6 picked up the camera and snapped this photo. 3 Months later as we look back through the photo's we totally appropriate them, even the ones of Daddy's feet.

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