May 12, 2012

Before He Left

Mr.W is leaving tomorrow for Afghanistan and he wanted to spend some QUALITY time together. One of the 50 things he wanted me to know this time around; was how to defend ourselves. We spent about an hour shooting his Glock 23. I have to admit all my apprehension with weapons, it was kinda fun. Here is a Glimpse of the last 24 hours I spent with my husband. Thanks Mr.W for making this day a little Exciting. 

1 Happy Thoughts:

Toni Marie said...

oohh - i'm going to learn how to shoot a gun while mike's gone.
i haven't seen/heard from you in so long i was wondering if you were still alive! i don't leave 'til the 31 so i hope to see you before then! I hope you're doing ok. those first few days after the hubs leave are always the hardest.