April 10, 2012

My Brain Hurts!

Thought you might get a kick out of the title, but literally my Brain hurts. 
I have this issue with my Brain lately. 
 I'm just saying! 

There has to be a reason maybe it's because

My husband is Deploying to Afghanistan, Deployment #4

We are buying a Second Home

I started a Job (although I love it)

We Move soon

My Sister is moving here and I am flying to California to get her

I will have 2 dogs in my house instead of 1

Need I say MORE!!!!

Although all of these seem to be a Blessing I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. 

1 Happy Thoughts:

Deila Taylor said...

oh my, you have good reason to have brain pain! loved your post and good luck with all of it. we have two dogs at this time cuz my son and wife are living with us! life is a blessing, but tough.