March 19, 2012

Have I told you

                 There is this Fabulous Program 
 Becoming Girls who lead the way

Becoming Girls is a program for girls 6-12 years of age. Girls focus on themes each month such as BECOMING a Good Friend, BECOMING Confident, BECOMING a girl of Integrity, BECOMING a Good Communicator get the idea.
The program has 3 main goals:

• To help girls remain true to their divine nature, you know...God given talents, characteristics and purpose!

 • To create POSITIVE PEER SUPPORT...a place where making "good choices" is celebrated & encouraged!

 • To combat the "mean girl syndrome" by engaging girls in SERVICE! Helping them to look beyond the "play ground drama".

BECOMING GIRLS are girls who know how to roll up their sleeves
and make things happen! They are girls who lead the way!

My girls have been apart of theis program for the last 2 1/2 years we cannot say enough about it.  We Love Becoming Girls!

You can find out more about the program at
there Facebook page.

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