February 26, 2012

To My Mother

Has there ever been a moment in your life, when it all makes scense. LIFE I mean!!

Well, today was that day for me. I have been complimented numerous times on how STRONG I am to face multiple deployments with 3 children. I have thought allot about this over the years. I don't always feel strong but I guess it radiats off of me. Not that I am bragging. I have come to the conclusion that I owe it all to my MOTHER..

My Mother worked very hard to provide for me & my little sister even if it met working 2-3 jobs and going to school to finish her degree. I know my Mother probably would have given anything to have stayed home to raise us, but she had no other choice really. She could work and set an example as a Hard Working American or live off the System.  Men were not really an option at the time. In my opionion because she had been burned one to many times. Her heart could not take it again, and I think she doubted her self a little when it came to dating.

I remember being a teenager I resented her so much, I did not like the fact that I had Responsibility, duties to help around the house. I swear sometimes I felt like Cinderella! I can see now how SELFISH and WORLDLY I was. Don't get me wrong, I did help but I did not do it with a HAPPY HEART... My mother if anyone deserved a Happy Heart Helper ( I made that word up haha).

So Mom, I'm sorry! I now as a mother with my own children can say I understand. I look forward to taking care of you and Helping you.  I definetly will do it with a Happy Heart...

I Realize without the amazing, strong mother of mine I would not be who I am today. So Mother as you read this I hope you realize that You are my MOM for a reason, Heavenly Father knew what he was doing...

Thank you for molding me into the person and Mother I am today!

2 Happy Thoughts:

Toni Marie said...

awww...you got me all teary!

Karen said...

I have been blessed to have such a wonderful spirit for a daughter! I love you and would do it all over again to have my beautiful girls!