February 3, 2012

Just Breathe

Today is hard
Mr.W left for a month of Training.

He awoke at 5 am, he got dressed in his uniform and his 50lb ruck sak.
He kissed me, & the kids Goodbye.
It's never easy to say Goodbye, not for me anyway.
I love this MAN, more than words can describe
This Training for me is bitter sweet in just 2 short months he will leave for
 Deployment  NUMBER 4

Sometimes I wish my Husband did not enjoy his job.
Sometimes I wish he had a job that did not require so much time away from us. 
On the Brighter side this is only a 9 month deployment NOT 15, NOT 12...

This month I will remind myself to Breath

4 Happy Thoughts:

Kimberly said...

Cheer up, Buttercup ;)

Toni Marie said...

we'll have to get together again!

Jerilie said...

Ah, so sweet. Come over!

Heather said...

AAAAAA Number four makes me want to cry for you!!! Three was enough for me, and this last one was crazy long! 9 months is when he came home for R&R! I will just pray time goes super fast!!!!