January 20, 2012
Today I miss your Raspy little girl voice.
Your excitement about Disney princess & Minnie Mouse
Your witch stew you used to brew in the front yard with grass and leaves

Today you love Horses and dogs and Horses.
You do more cooking in the kitchen, especially cupcakes.
You like Hannah Montana but just as a Singer.

You hair is your last priority, I even have to beg you to put chap stick on.
You love taking your time with all things even getting dressed.

Hailey you are becoming who you are meant to be, and I love it.
Thank you for choosing me as your Mom 

If I could predict the future I would say you will become an Art Teacher who owns a 
farm. You will have lots of animals, horses for sure.

Happy 9th  Birthday to an Amazing daughter

2 Happy Thoughts:

Toni Marie said...

happy birthday Hailey!!

Jerilie said...

Hailey is so beautiful!