January 12, 2012

Irish Pride

A blessing has been bestowed upon our family, in the form off a Wonderful School Chapman Elementary. I can not put into words how amazing this last week has been for me and my family. You are probably wondering how I went from homeschooling to this. Well luck of the Irish. The girls were home-schooled one short week and this school called and offered me the chance to send all three of my children there. Without a blink of an eye I was off for a tour. We all fell in love, very professional, high test scores, welcoming.  

Another blessing is many of the children in our ward attend this school so my kids had instant friends, they also have buddies on the bus ride. 

Interesting Facts about Chapman: 

On the evening of June 11, 2008, a ½ mile wide tornado swept through Chapman. The tornado moved from the southwest side of town, through the central business district, and then on out of town. Many buildings and structures in the town suffered extensive damage; most of the downtown area was obliterated and over 60 homes were destroyed. At least one person was confirmed dead

                                                                 Elementary School before

On January 23, 2009, Friday, in the episode "Tutwiler Family" (2009) of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the show helped Chapman, Kansas to rebuild their lives and homes. In the episode, in addition to rebuilding the Tutwiler home, a coalition of builders, volunteers, and crew of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition helped neighbors with furniture and some rebuilding, and they built the town's first community center that could also be used as a safe shelter for tornado protection.[7]
By the end of 2009, the Tutwiler family had placed their house on the market, saying they wanted to leave the town of Chapman, citing "scrutiny and ill feelings. 
      Extreme Makeover Home

3 Happy Thoughts:

Millers! said...

I hope it works out for you Sara! xoxo

Toni Marie said...

yea for you!! I'm so happy you were able to find something that everyone is happy with :) see you soon??


Wow! I'm glad you guys have the option of a good school that you all love. It looks like an institution of higher learning. :)