January 5, 2012

Happily Ever After

Daydreaming today I came across this on Pinterest. SIGH!!!! This cute lil lamb makes me want to have a small piece of paradise somewhere. I have already decided, to name the lamb Ethel.. It's pure cuddly, cuteness. This is the kind of animal that I would pick up poo for. I'm just Sayin!

Our farm might look something like this

A few other animals I would consider

Our Barn would look something like this

And we would live Happily ever After.
The End :)

4 Happy Thoughts:

Jerilie said...

Great farm plans. I'd love a house with a little elbow room to have a garden, a few animals, etc.

Karen said...

:::Packing my bags:::

Susan said...

This is such a cute happy post. i loved it and I am in.


I agree. Such a happy post! We'll totally come visit!