January 28, 2012


What a week! My son K-man brought this Feelings activity home from school (see below). Cute HUH? I could totally relate to this one face. That is exactally the week I had. Not sure if any of you out there ever feel that way but on occasion I do. I don't know if it is just the time of year or that my plate may just be to full.

With that said a good friend of mine passed along a wonderful article I would like to share. It's titled HOME FIRST.  I highley reccomend this article, it was an emotional read but very humbling and helped me focus. Sometimes in all the busyness of life, we tend to forget what is most important. I love that I can refocus and ground myself once again. I love the amazing church leadership that we have and their sound advice. I also love my amazing Friends that are more like my Spirit Sisters that help me through a tough day.. Life would not be the same without any of you.

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