December 10, 2011

You only turn 6 once

Turning six is magical, I remember.
 You are out of the toddler years and in your first year of school. 
You are learning and making new friends. 
Discovering who you are and what you enjoy.
Being Independant

This has been a hard birthday for me. Why? 
Well because it's my last baby, but  he's not really a baby anymore. 
DANG IT... Why do they have to grow up...

 Konner (with a k) this year you:
are growing like a weed
the cowlick in your hair is more prominent
You love to read with Daddy
You love Nerf guns
You walk around the house saying "It's Nerf or Nothing"
You outgrew Thomas the Train 
You learned to ride your bike without training wheels
You LOVE going to School
Your favorite shoes are any that light up
You are in love with Lego Star Wars
Did I mention Angry Birds, You love Angry Birds.

Angry Bird Party Ideas

***Get Angry Birds Printable Balloons**  

I bought this game for him and used the pieces on his cake. has allot of Angry Birds items for CHEAP 

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Price Family Adventures!!! said...

Great job Sara on the cake and everything. I can't believe Konner is that big either he sure grow fast. I like the look of your blog. You are very talented. Merry Christmas.