December 7, 2011


Well this is going to be quiet frankly a long, very personal post. I have been feeling insecure lately about the choices I have been making for the future of my children. So in order for you to understand what I have been going through internally I'm going to take you back to the beginning. 

My children basically started there academics at this Amazing school located in 
South Carolina. Words cannot express what this school did for me, but most importantly my children. I never realized how lucky we were until we moved. Bookman Road was to me like a Public "Private" school if that makes any senseThe school functioned Great, out of the 4 years my children attended no bullying happenedThe School was well kept up and had an amazing group of parental support.I really could go on & on. Let's just say I'm in LOVE with this school. 

My husband gets assigned to a duty station in Kansas, I spend hours researching on to see what the best ranking schools are.

We decided Amanda Arnold was the best choice

We rented a home 2 blocks from the school, but Amanda Arnold tells me they don't have room for my children, that they will be going to Marlatt Elementary. We attend Marlatt for 6 months then I recieved a call from the principal at Amanda Arnold saying He will take my kids. I ponder a day or two and as family we deiced, Yes we will make the switch. We enjoyed the School. 

We have a bump in the road though, we still own our home in South Carolina, due to the market crash we lost 30,000 equity. We rent it out right now but are trying to build a nest of security. So financially it makes sense if we move On Post. 

So at the End of the School year at Amanda Arnold, we moved onto Fort Riley (post). 
With the move comes a completely new school district and school.

I am feeling a little Sad for my kids at this point.
1. Because we have been so inconsistent in the last year
2. We are uprooting them a second time
3. They are uneasy about it all
4. And frankly I'm not a military spouse that enjoys living on
a military base. Personal preference.

So that brings me Here. My Children have attended this school
 (Morris Hill Elementary) for the last 6 months.
There is not allot about the school that I like. I feel a little guilty about that. 
As I explain I am hoping that there will be some agreement.  

We started off the year running, I was in full speed helping as much as I possibly could. I wanted to make a difference and lighten the load on the staff. I wanted them to feel appreciated.


The first bell that went off in my head, was the first week of school there was a sweet little girl who had some major separation anxiety. Her dad brought her to School and was running late, very impatiently he pushed her off of him and said I don't have time for this &*#*. When I say push she fell on her butt and cried. I was in Shock! Not one employee of that school that was around this man said a single word. So apparently it's okay to push your child down and curse like that. 

The Second Bell
I attended a PTO meeting the first month of school, as the parents were gathered together listening to the Principal talk, a father in an aggressive manor Yells out " What the Hell did you just say to my son". Well it got all of our attention for sure. The Father was approaching another child in concern with something he had said. The Principal again said nothing. So my brain in processing this. A Father of one child is yelling at another child and nothing is being said just allowed. Does that seem right. NO.. That father could be pulled aside and told that he is not using his life skills and it's inappropriate to talk to children in such a manor.

The Third Bell
 I agreed to be VP of the PTO I wanted to help make a difference for the staff of this school and the children. In a position like this I was working closely with the President. I am not going to say allot here just that I didn't fully support her actions. Money was missing, She spoke poorly of the staff, and I didn't have the patience to work with someone like that. I put in my resignation along with 5 other people. I got a phone call from the head secretary that the Principal wanted to speak with me.  The Principal basically told me the PTO President was let go. She said unkind things about me ( later found out from office staff that she threatened my life) The Principal told me to be careful and watch my back? 

Okay my question is, why weren't the police involved and a report made because isn't that a little to much?

Or am I just being to Sensitive?

The Fourth Bell

Yesterday I dropped the kids off in the morning and waved goodbye as I watched them walk in the school.  I pulled about 70 feet from the door to turn on a very busy road. I heard a knock on my car door. I opened it to see my little Kinder Konner shaking. He wanted to catch me because he had forgotten to leave his stuffed animal in the car. He had run out of the school through drop off traffic 2 lanes of it, might I add. He came to me as I was pulling out onto a busy road. No one stopped him not even the Lady at the front door. A by standard who seen what happened came up to me and offered to walk Konner back to school. I  accepted and went right home and called the school. I explained what happend and told the Secretary I wanted them to make sure Konner was in class, and to talk to the Ding Bat at the door.  The secretary called me back sorta laughing and said She didn't know she couldn't let the kids run back to their parents once they were in the school.  

UMMM Common Sense is a word in the Dictionary Correct?  

We later in the day spoke with the principal who said we are all human and make mistakes, It's unfortunate this had to happen but we Should Count our Blessings nothing happened to Konner. He also stated that the employee at the door does not have children of her own, and we learn through our mistakes. Even if it's common sense! 
So I guess the safety of my child is a learning experience.

So in the midst of all the Bells going off I felt prompted to Home School. Allot of prayer and council has gone into this decision. I have spent the last 6 months re-searching it and have decided to bring my older 2 home.  I am excited but also worried that I am being unstable. Sigh.. In my defense it feels like the right thing to do.

My question to you is am I being a Snob, Am I expecting to much? 
Do you think these incidents are being handled properly?
Am I being unstable by pulling my girls out Mid-year to Home school?

5 Happy Thoughts:


Sara, as a mother you have the right to divine inspiration to the best way to raise and teach your children. You are the only voice they have right now. If you don't feel they are getting what they need, are not satisfied with their learning environment and being protected, then you do what you have to do.

Homeschooling is a big choice. But write a list of every reason, big and small, why you are doing it and what you hope to accomplish. Make it your mission statement. I'll be sharing mine soon. I have some binge blogging in my near future to do. Follow your heart, Sara. I have finally accepted that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. No one is more invested in what is right for your children than you. Conviction is powerful. Hold on to it tightly and let it guide you on your right path for your family.

Public schooling has so few redeeming qualities anymore, I say you plow ahead like the wonderful force of positive influence you are and don't look back. You are not being unstable. You were trying to make the best choices for your family and they have led you here. Don't doubt your promptings. Hold your head high!

Susan said...

I am fairly new to you and your blog via Book of Mormon forum (I think) First off, I really like the background change to your blog. Looks nice!

Just from first impression, I think you are acting on divine inspiraton for your family. The anxiety you feel is probably the spirit. As I was reading, my thoughts skipped ahead and I thought "maybe homeschool is the answer"-so you did what I probably would have done.[I am not a home school mom]

I am wondering why this school was rated so high? It seems they may be so politically correct in procedure they are overlooking common sense and seem almost afraid to interfere with situations.

All of your red flags seemed very legit and I would be worried too. I think you are doing the right thing.

You are not being too sensitive at all. You life was threatened?! Ya I think you needed to get yourself and your children out of that environment!

Good luck!

The Whetten Family said...

Anna, thank you for your words I am so excited about the new venture. At the same time though I feel angry that the District and the Administration at this school allow that kind of behavior.

I know there is a reason for everything. We are Plowing Anna.. Plowing I say..

Susan, I am so excited I have a new reader. Not that my Blog is that exciting ;)! I appreciate your comment so much. I want to clarify that Amanda Arnold was the school we left in Manhattan Kansas and Moved on post (Fort Riley) to Morris hill Elementary (for financial reasons). This is the school that I have the problems with. I had to go back to my post and fix that. I wasn't specific. I'm sorry. Either way I am glad to feel justified. Sometimes as women we second guess ourselves. Thank you for your feedback & support.

Toni Marie said...

wow! there was so much about this post I connected with. I was thinking about home schooling Alissa for 18 months before I found a program that would work for us. I felt such a peace when we started; even though there were no 'bells' in my case I knew I was doing the right thing..
Being in the military things always change here - i was having whisperings that maybe it was time to send her back. After much prayer I felt that same peace sending her back. The day I enrolled her my hubby came home and said he was deploying month. I already knew I could not be 'single' and homeschool.
The spirit will not lead you astray. That is my testimony.

Benson Family said...

Sara, I think you have every right to homeschool if that is what is best for your children. If I were in your situation, I would probably choose the same. You will have such amazing experiences with your children and knowing you--you will put in 150% effort. I know you will do a great job!! Best of luck! We miss you!