December 18, 2011


Mr.W is in the Military. Army to be specific! He is serving his thirteenth year and getting ready to deploy for the 4th time. He just got picked by the Department of the Army for promotion from Sergeant First Class (E7) to First Sergeant (E8) . His promotion was scheduled, and as I entered his Company Headquarters I was greeted by his Major. He looked at me and said welcome Mrs.W your here for your husbands FROCKING? I looked at him and said Excuse Me, not sure if I heard that correctly. He said your husbands being Frocked today... I replied you mean promoted? YES...

Okay am I the only Military Wife that has not heard this term before? And of all the words in the human language why pick Frocking... I get to announce to the world my husband got Frocked today? Doesn't that make you giggle a little?

Wikipedia Definition: 
Frocking is a United States military term for a commissioned or non-commissioned officer selected for promotion wearing the insignia of the higher grade before the official date of promotion (the "date of rank"). An officer or NCO who has been selected for promotion may be authorized to "frock" to the next grade. The need to frock is a result of the fact that the number of people who may serve in a particular rank is restricted by federal law. Thus, even though an individual may have been selected for promotion and (for officers) confirmed by the Senate, they must often wait for a vacancy (headroom) to occur in order to be officially promoted.

The term "frocking" dates back to the age of sail, when communications between the Department of the Navy and ships at sea could take months. News of the promotion of an officer arrived, usually via letters brought by another ship, and often with orders for the newly promoted officer to report to a new ship or station. The ship that brought the news would often take that officer away to his new post. Since the departing officer created a vacancy on the first ship, the Captain would often forward a recommendation for promotion for one of the remaining officers, to be carried back to the Department of the Navy. Since one of the symbols of rank was a frock coat, the newly promoted officer would pass his old frock coat to the officer remaining behind and recommended for promotion to the old rank of the departing officer. Months could go by until the Captain's recommendation made it back to the Department of the Navy, was acted upon and made official, and news sent back. In the intervening time, the officer recommended for promotion would be accorded the privileges and authorities of his "new" rank, but would not receive the pay for it, since it was not yet official. And because it was not yet official, and because he was still wearing the old frock coat of the recently departed and (officially) promoted officer, the officer recommended for promotion was considered "frocked."

Basically the way Mr.W explained it to me is when you get promoted but are still waiting on the Monetary Raise you are Frocked. So you are being promoted with out pay until your sequence number comes up. Mr.W sequence number will be up sometime in August...

Mr.W Being Frocked

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So basically he gets the responsibility without the pay? That stinks. But yay for the promotion anyhow!