October 24, 2011

What in Tarnations?!

Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church, the cutest thing came out of my son's mouth as he was huffing and puffing trying to get his white shirt buttoned up.. I heard him say " What in Tarnations " is wrong with this shirt ". My immediate reaction was a smile and a laugh.. What 5 year old says " What in Tarnations ". He could not get the buttons right. He came in my room so upset at the shirt. I couldn't help but smile, he said MOM it's not funny.  Well I know it's not funny, I just loved that he used "What in Tarnations ".

1 Happy Thoughts:

Jamie C. said...

Sara, THAT is a cute story. Totally just remembered right this second as I read your blog that we were going to get together today. Whoops. Sorry that slipped my mind. Today was a horrible, ugly day anyway....at least I saw you Saturday! Miss you!