October 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I have had a hard time lately! 
I have this Self-doubt that I have not followed through with things in my life. 
Does that happen to you? I started asking myself; What am I good at? What talents do I possess? I don't make cute hair clips that people rave over? I'm not a fancy blogger with lots of followers and interesting posts. I'm not a health nut who spends everyday at the Gym. What am I ???? Well in my moment of Self-doubt and tearful loathing My wonderful husband reminded me. "Hunny" he said, You are AWESOME..
You are a MOM & Wife for the last 11 years. Not just any MOM, you give it 110%!
You read with the kids at night, not many moms do that. ( In my head I am thinking Yeah Right)
You make their lunch for them which you might think is mundane but some parents make that the responsibility of the child. Then I started thinking, Yes he is right.  I have sat at lunch with my kids and seen that some of these kids pack there lunch and I feel so bad for them. They have an apple and a honey bun for example. This poor kid has to be hungry and for some substance not  NO honey bun.  He went on and on, so sweet I know.. 
He really made my day. I  Love MR.W

 I have realized what I take pleasure in is what matters most to me. 

I love tucking my kids in at night and kissing there forehead

I love making my kids lunch

I love reading with my kids

I love having family movie night

I love watching my kids play

I love being a MOM

So on this wonderful day 11 years ago I married Mr.W... We have 3 wonderful kids together and he has given me the opportunity to have the best job ever Motherhood.

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