October 22, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Are you one of those people that Rolls your eyes when you see a checkout senario where they walk away with hundreds in groceries and only pay a few dollars, or are you one who says " I want to do that "? Well that is me I see something and if it makes my heart skip a beat or too, I want to do it.

A wise man once said I command to all the virtues of industry & thrift, Which I believe go hand in hand. The labor and thrift of the people make a nation, a community, or a family strong. Work and thrift make a family independent. Debt can be a terrible thing. It is so easy to incur and so difficult and laborious to repay.Borrowed money is had only at a price, and that price can be burdensome.Bankruptcy generally is the bitter fruit of debt, overextension, and uncontrolled appetites. It is a tragic culmination of a simple process of borrowing more than one can repay. I deplore waste. I deplore unnecessary and uncontrolled extravagance. I value thrift. I believe in temporal prudence and conservatism.
~Brigham Young

This is a run I did at Walgreen's which in my little area
I am very found of this store, we don't have a wide 
variety of stores here. Walgreen's seems to be 
where I get the most for the least.

     Yes you are seeing Correctly, that was my total make 
     sure you take notice what I saved.

2 Happy Thoughts:


Wow. That really is amazing, Sara!! I need to start figuring this stuff out. You are inspirational!

The Whetten Family said...

So are you Anna :)