September 26, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll

 I think fall in Kansas is my favorite season. It brings Ideal weather and it gets just chili enough at night that you want to curl up on your favorite chair with a good book and some HOT Chocolate. 

I was inspired to do by a friend of mine Jenny to do this post. I cannot credit my self for putting into words all the reasons why I love Fall. So Thank You!

(Jennys Words) I can not even begin to list all the reasons I love Autumn. I know I can't begin to describe how it makes me feel. To put it simply, it awakes every one of my senses. The smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and textures are beyond blissful, they teeter on being intoxicating.Here's a few of the reasons why I love this time of the year, in no specific order:

* The oppressive heat of summer leaves. Adios, good riddance.
* The eye popping shades of red, orange, purple, yellow and brown that blanket the landscape.
* It's time to pull out the jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts
* Time for hot chocolate and herbal tea, although honestly I've been drinking them all summer long.
* Harvest of crops and gardens
* Pumpkin picking and carving
* Halloween and Thanksgiving
* The beginning of Autumn means my birthday is getting closer (Nov. 10th)
* All the wonderful candle scents (pumpkin, apple, cloves, cinnamon..oh I could go on and on) I have candles going every day from here on through the new year.
* General Conference
* The anticipation for Christmas and the first snow flakes of winter
* The good cheer and charity among men that is more recognizable as we head into the Christmas season
* Day after Thanksgiving sales
* Charley Brown Halloween and Thanksgiving specials
* The leaves that fall off the trees. I love the crunching sound they make as I walk through them. I love to play in them and watch my kids play in them. I'm one who loves when they are scattered all over my yard, the more the merrier.
* Holiday commercials on tv - they always make me cry
* Hallmark Channel movies
* Watching the excitement build in my children as we get closer and closer to Christmas
* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some year I will go to NYC and watch it in person
* Autumn deserts - pumpkin pie, crisp and cobblers, anything with apples - YUM!!
* Soups, casseroles and bread that bring warmth and comfort
* Air conditioning is off and I can open the windows to let in the cool breezes
*And finally, decorating my house with Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorations.

                      Yes, Welcome Autumn! I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival.

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