August 2, 2011

What's for dinner?

It's 4 and I am sitting at the computer thinking of the mandatory FRG meeting I need to be at 6pm. You are probably wondering what an FRG (family readiness group) is I will explain .

 Definition: The FRG is an organization of family members, soldiers, volunteers, and other interested individuals associated with a unit. The FRG membership includes soldiers’ families (both immediate and extended family such, as parents, aunts and uncles, etc.) and soldiers, as well as others interested in the well being of the soldier (e.g., fiancées/fiancés, friends, retirees, and community members.

The FRG's goal is to establish a network that enables family members to effectively gather information, resolve problems, and maintain mutual support, there by reducing stress associated with military separations. The FRG is a resource that fosters self-reliance. The FRG’s objectives will be essentially the same during peacetime and mobilization, although the need for a FRG is greater during deployment.

One of the keys to having a successful family readiness program is to have activities, programs, and projects that interest and benefit the family members of the unit. A program needs to be enticing enough to families, and perceived as worthwhile, so they will routinely choose to attend a function. To be successful, the commander must emphasize the importance of the FRG to individuals and unit readiness.

Really I am a Veteran to this so I go listen and leave. But back to dinner, I am thinking should I labor over a dinner I will not be home to enjoy or just do "everyman" for themselves which will end up being MILK & CEREAL.. 
I just don't know...

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