July 16, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears

The last 2 weeks have undoubtedly flown by. Whenever we have family here that seems to happen.  One of our many adventures was "The Oz Museum" in Wamego, Kansas. I was excited to see what this small town museum was all about. We enjoyed all the neat artifacts they had displayed, However I was not very impressed with the Characters they had displayed especially Dorthy she looked like a Ken doll with hair. At any rate it was nice to get out of Fort Riley and Discover more of Kansas. 

 A Restaurant next door to the Museum

2 Happy Thoughts:

Amber Edwards said...

Sara! We went to that museaum too! and then we ate at the "toto Cafe" or something like that on mainstreet for lunch. (it was mexican food..go figure, but it was DELICIOUS, haha)

That place was SO much fun! I'm so glad you got to visit it with your family!

Amber Edwards said...

HA! So, now after I publish my comment, your last photo loads..and YES that is the place we ate at!! :) SO cool! TOTO's Tacoz!