July 28, 2011

Just Do the Very Best You Can

If you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do

It's been awhile, as I sit here conflicted over the last few weeks I can't help but remember that I'm doing the Best that I can. As a parent we worry, I don't know about you but I seem to do it allot. Sometimes a little to Excessive or is it? I like to think that because I'm so conscious about how I parent that it's a help more than a hinder. The only thing we learn about parenting before we actually become a parent is what we are taught through Example. We are all different, many things play into who we are and how we will parent. One thing I am so Thankful for is the Church without there guidance and example I think I would be more than LOST. 

Something I have learned this summer is regardless the situation it is our jobs as mothers to be an EXAMPLE to our children. We must be STEADFAST & IMMOVABLE. 

 I do this everyday reminding myself that my children will feel love at home, grow in faith, & never loose their spirit. I want them to know I care for each of them. Even on the days when I am ready to pull my eye lashes out. No parent is perfect, we really learn as we go. We carefully pick the advice we will take and dismiss the rest. I am grateful for the family I have even though we are not perfect. I find happiness in the thought that one day we will.

It takes courage to gather children from whatever they’re doing and kneel together as a family. It takes courage to turn off the television and the computer and to guide your family through the pages of the scriptures every day. It takes courage to turn down other invitations on Monday night so that you can reserve that evening for your family. It takes courage and willpower to avoid overscheduling so that your family can be home for dinner. ~ Larry L Lawrance       
This is so true!

A really good Article  "Because She is a Mother" by Elder Holland can be read here I Highly recommend it.

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