June 9, 2011

The Red Headed Hostess

So I have this hidden secret, I haven't shared with any of you...
No I am not secretly a "RED Head"! I follow a blog titled "The Red Headed Hostess". I absolutely LOVE it. I particularly take use of the TAB on the Right SCRIPTURE STUDY... I love the fact that I can have all these cute, meaningful, spiritual printouts tucked away in my scriptures. Not only that but I have started a Scripture Journal and organized my scriptures all because of the talents "The Red Headed Hostess" has shared. Seriously you can be lost on her blog for hours from Scripture study, to Entertaining, to home decor, to church callings....SIGH....I would HIGHLY recommend visiting her site. She Is AMAZING!!!
 I'm just saying!!!!!!

Thanks Shannon for your talents..

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