June 10, 2011

A Place to Call Home

After an emotional debate on weather or not we should buy another home, Mr.W and I decided to live on Base. We were offered a nice home near his office, it really didn't take much thought for me. I was a bit relieved that we would not be going in debt for a piece of property that we would have to Sell or Rent ... I just did not want to have to go through that again.

I will say there are pros's & con's to living on Base. I feel like my job to steward my children has become a little more elevated. I am very cautious who I let the kids play with. You might say "that can be anywhere"! Trust me when I say "The ARMY" is a different breed. It really is a constant battle of good n evil in my head. Now I'm not saying that People in the Army are bad. The Values & Morals are different which can make it difficult. When you purchase a home, you choose the area you live in & the school your children will go to. When you live on a military installation they choose all that for you. You can either accept or reject.

Life is more affordable for us and we have lots of Free things to take use of. Like the AWESOME POOLS. Across from our house we have a park, I have not decided weather I like or not. I say that because the kids have filled the entry way numerous times with sand or they come home drenched in water from the puddles that build up after a good rain. Mr.W is home most days for lunch which we all enjoy.

 I have this internal struggle about living on base then I think to myself  it's not really up to me right now, Mr.W & I are following the spirit. So obviously there is a reason that we don't see yet. I find strength in this because I know Heavenly Father would never guide us to do something that would be detrimental to our family. We can only be blessed for doing what is asked of us.

                                       Without Further ADUE "The Whetten Family" Casa

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Karen said...

I love your new abode :) Thanks for posting pics.