June 27, 2011

Midwest Tour

We had the chance to go Tour Liberty JailIndependence Visitor Center, & the New Kansas City Temple. I was so excited I could barley contain myself. Poor Mr.W he was not so excited. I felt like a little kid in a candy store. I was just taking it all in, I was very overcome with the spirit and just so grateful for the sacrifice's Joseph Smith made for us. A WARNING: There is a picture I took and I only share it because I have never in the 12 years of being LDS seen this. I was so Appalled. I had to take deep breathes I seriously was in shock. Don't be offended and for the love of Pete don't go to the website.

                                                         Our Tour Guide Sean Taylor
                                                                  Kansas City Temple
                                                                  Someone's Excited too
                                                                   Breathtaking I know
                                                                   I Cant wait to go...
                                                     What the BLEEP is this.. Really?
                                                                  I just love this Picture
                                                                     2 "W" Family's
                                                   My first thought was "This is a HUGE key"
                                                                  Humbling Experience
                                                                     Me & Mr.W
                                                                    The Golden Plates
                                                                       The W FAM
                                                      The only window into the basement

                                                        Our new Friends The "W" Family

                                                          Do you see the pencil in the Trees?
                                                This is the Church of Christ Right across from
                                                Independence Visitor Center. Didn't know about
                                                their religion till the day I went.

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