June 3, 2011

Life & Death

How do you put into words, the emotions of Death & Sacrafice. This Memorial day was special to us, we have never lived on a military installation that has a Cemetary. The Sunday before Memorial day as we drove by the Cemetary all the flags caught my eye. I thought to myself for a moment, I was so proud to be an American. I felt  I should take my kids and show respect to those who have Sacraficed for our Freedom. Monday, we got ready & took the oppurtunity to REALLY  share with our kids what Sacrafice is, & how greatful we should be to the many Fallen Soldiers. I think for me the Reality of it all was a little much. But often I ignore the mention of Death, I don't want to focus on that especially with Mr.W in the Military. So Here are some of the shots I captured. When you look at these please take a moment to be greatful for all the Armed Forces & there Families that Sacrafice so much for our Freedom~ GOD BLESS AMERICA~

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nanrath said...

The pictures were just a graveyard till the one of Wayne and Konner. How thankful I am for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom.