May 9, 2011

Kansas City

 Can I first just say, i love how animated my kids are. I can't get enough of them. We had the opportunity to go on another Marriage retreat to the Hyatt Regency Royal Crown Center in Kansas City. We don't turn down FREE adventures. It was such a nice break from moving and Wayne working all the time and that's no joke. He is now the 1SGT and I literally never see the man..

This is our hotel we stayed on the 22nd floor.Love the Hyatt.
The pool was amazing we took advantage of the pool as much as we could.

Fritz's Train Cafe was fun for the atmosphere. The food is 
comparable to Mc Donalds but very pricey. 
Needless to say we paid for the AMBIANCE.
A choo choo train brought the food to us. Like so.
 Cabela's is a HUGE, hunting, camping, fishing store.
It was a field trip all in it's self.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Enjoying Life said...

Look like you all had a lot of fun.

Becky Clinton said...

We stayed at the Royal Crown Center once. Didn't have any kids with us, but it was still a blast. Or maybe it was a blast because we didn't have the kids with us. Anyway, it's one of our favorite places in Kansas City. Your kids probably loved the Union Station as well. Fun neighborhood.

And for the record? I love your blog, am inspired by it, and look forward to new posts.