April 21, 2011

Momo & Appa

For Christmas Santa brought the kids a Guinea pig "MoMo", we love him. The kids have been working hard on keeping the cage clean and the animals fed. A family discussion came up as to weather we should get MoMo a friend, because after all Guinea pigs are social animals. The kid's and I went to the pet store after school and adopted "APPA"! He's a little baby so cute. I just want to kiss his fuzzy face.  If your wondering about the names they come from a cute anime cartoon "The Last Airbender".

This is what the Real MoMo & APPA Look like

1 Happy Thoughts:

wendybird said...

we love appa! So teeny. Just wish it would stay small forever.
ps. good on yah for going "private"....smart move.