April 16, 2011

The Military Wife, Ordinary Women need not apply....

Ask me Today What matters the most to me, and I will tell you my family. I have been married to the military for twelve years now, and I am very discouraged at the moment. I feel horrible inside when my kids almost daily tell me how much they miss our home in South Carolina & of Course there School Bookman Road Elementary. I buck up inside and explain to them that we are a family we go where daddy goes. In reality though I sit back and think! Is all this moving harming them. I know they will be very quick to make friends, but do they feel stable? I for sure this year have not felt stable at all. We are moving on post in 11 days and they will be attending a new school next year. That's 2 homes and 3 schools in 2 years Then during all of this Wayne will deploy for his 4th time to Afghanistan another adjustment.. I don't know if it is because I am 30 and feeling like I want to plant myself somewhere and watch my kids grow without interruption. 

"SIGH" Parenthood. I am however grateful we got Post housing and in 11 days I can start to make a "House" a "HOME"! I will establish myself and family in this new area and know I still have great friends in Manhattan. 
Today is one of those days where I ask the lord to give me patients, and strength to ENDURE. 

  Google images found this amazing Add that really fits the moto for The Military wife!

2 Happy Thoughts:

Heather said...

I feel the same way! We actually just bought a home and I am not moving again! This will be our last move while our children are young! I feel the same way they need something stable when everything around them is not! You are one tough women and an amazing mom,and I know you will make this next year an amazing one for your family!

Kuhni family said...

I'm excited you are here and am excited to get to know you and your cute fam! :)