April 12, 2011

Military Children Inspire ME

"Military children often are referred to as “unsung heroes,” but, in honor of April’s Month of the Military Child, I’d like to take some time to sing their praises.Their challenges are all-too familiar: moving frequently and adjusting to being separated from a parent that goes off to training or gets deployed.An official recently told me that military children, on average, will attend six to nine schools over the course of a parent’s military career. That’s a lot of first-day-of-school stress to handle.These challenges aren’t new, and certainly aren’t easy. But I never cease to be impressed by our military children’s ability to adapt and cope.I hope we don’t forget that our military children are undergoing great challenges each day. Their parents are deploying into combat and may return home with visible or invisible wounds of war. We all must be mindful of what these children are going through, particularly since multiple deployments are now normal.Military children need every American’s support, whether it’s a kind ear or just a shoulder to lean on.I know you all know military children. Take time to talk to them, find out if there’s anything you can do to help them. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” If each of us starts in our own “village,” we can make a significant headway in caring for all military children. I can’t think of more deserving recipients of our support."~Elaine Wilson

I love you Noelle,Hailey, & Konner. Each Day that passes I am so amazed at how you do this exact thing that Elaine is talking about. You ADAPT & COPE. I am so proud of you. I know that one day it will get easier. You will be a better person for all the experience you are getting. I often wish we could be that family that just stays in one spot we plant ourselves and just grow. But I don't regret one move. We have made Friends & Family along the way that have touched our hearts. We have traveled the world and seen many places we never would have if it wasn't for you Dad's Job. Appreciate yourselves for you sacrifice you make so america can be safe. I love you guys!!!!

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Karen said...

Well said !! Gma loves you too.