April 19, 2011

4th Grade Musical Performace Starring Noelle Elyse Whetten

Last night was a wonderful night in Our household. We were all full of excitement to hear Noelle's talents at the 4th grade Musical Performance. Three 4th grade classes preformed on their recorders & Sang. All the practicing at home paid off. Noelle stood tall with confidence, playing an insturment come's so naturally to her.They played a piece from Ludwig van Beethoven, but my favorite was a piece they sang it was titled " God Bless OUR Troops"!! Before the song began Noelle looked over to me and mouthed "This one is my favorite"!!! What a sweet girl. I am so proud of you Noelle. 

3 Happy Thoughts:

Karen said...

Oh my (((Noelle)) Gma is sooooooooooooo proud!!

Just the Two of us and Daisy!! said...

Way to go Noelle!!! I can't beleive how big they have grown.


So cute!!