March 2, 2011


On march 9th I will be traveling to Salina to see a Nero-Surgeon. I was referred to him because of Lower back pain I have had. I'm so nervous my General Practice Doctor has repeated the words back surgery to me. The word SURGERY just scares me. I think of a sterile white room with shiny knives.

 On Dec 10 I had a MRI done on my Lumbar area. I know this all looks and sounds confusing. The Highlighted words will link you to the explanation. In simplified terms if you don't want to read all the 
mubo-jumbo. I have a double bulging disk on the L-5 which is pinching a nerve from my spinal cord. I have 2 bone spurs growing on my S-1 and I have Spinal narrowing . It's a very interesting read Have Fun.

These are the results. 
Please refer to picture above for Disk location

Findings: There is normal anatomic alignment. There is no acute fracture or subluxation.Whew!  Vertebral body height is maintained.Well thats good. Bone marrow signal is remarkable for degenrative changes in the endplates of the L5-S1. Disk Desiccation and loss of disk height interval is seen at L4-L5 and L5-S1. Disk height and signal are otherwise preserved. 

Axial images reveal the following 
L2-L4 normal (this is the middle back)
L4-L5 There is a broad based disk bulge and osteophyte complex present centrally and paracentrally which impress on the anterior thecal sac aka Spinal Cord HELLO.. 

Broad based disk bulge and osteophyte complex are present centerally & paracentrally with centeral and right paracentral disk protrusion which impress on the anterior thecal sac. There is mild Spinal Canal stenosis and left neuroforaminal narrowing. Significant right neuroforaminal narrowing is present

Disk Bulge explained

My Back 

Another Shot

And another

and another

3 Happy Thoughts:

Wendy said...

Back pain sucks! Best with the specialist! I hope that surgery is not in your future. But if it is.....I hope it is minor and not major!

Millers! said...

dang I am sorry.. that is almost exactly Doug's issue.. the Surgery was worth it though!

Rhonda said...

I feel for you lady! Back pain is no fun. Remember when I was in the hospital in Baumholder? It was the same issue with the L-5,S-1. Hope you feel better real soon!