March 27, 2011

Life is Like A Box of Chocolates

A Great movie we all know once said 
" Life is like a Box of Chocolates, You never know what your gonna get"
Well that's kinda an analogy of army life.

Welcome to the U.S Army
You get what you get & you don't throw a fit

We have never been lucky enough to pick a duty station but I must say each place as been wonderful. We have experienced different lifestyles, cultures, & made wonderful friends along the way.

Ft.Irwin California was HOT! I learned I had a green thumb here. I loved that it was a 7 hour drive to my mom's house and a 10 hour drive to Wayne's parents house. Noelle Elyse Whetten was born on this post. We lived here for 2 years.

"OH" how I miss Germany!!! Wayne & I still to this day swear we would love to retire there and become German citizens. We love their lifestyle and the way they take care of there country. Wayne Deployed twice from Baumholder the first deployment was 15 Months and the second was a Year. I on the other hand took full advantage and traveled all over Europe. I gave birth to Hailey & Konner in Germany. I loved it. German Hospitals are Amazing. Let's not get started on the A-mazing food and the Italian Ice Cafe YUMMY.

Ft.Jackson there is not much about this base I did not like. Wayne was a Range Cadre here so he was able to be home allot. We were very blessed to have him home and get a break from all the Deployment's and training . We bought our first home and relished every moment of it. I miss Bookman Rd Elementary, the warm weather, the beaches, the palmetto trees, & my flip flop collection.

The year we have lived here has been amazing for us spiritually. The people here are salt of the earth kind of people. They are kind, generous, caring, easy going kind of folk. They are self sufficient and would help you in a heart beat. You know allot of people hear the word Kansas and freak, Honestly I think it's a little peace of heaven hidden away. 

Who know's where the rest of Wayne's Career will take us but I must say I am blessed to have been to so many places. I am fortunate to have made so many wonderful friends. I guess I have to Thank the Army "SIGH"

But sometimes I just want to throw a fit and get my way. 
Out of the 10 years of marriage to my husband we have been together maybe 5 and NO I'm not kidding.
So I guess that is the part of the military that I dislike. I notice now that the kids are getting older the deployments are getting harder. I can go on and on. But I wont!

I am Thankful to Heavenly Father for always keeping my husband safe, for providing for our family and always guiding us through life. I am Thankful for the Friends I have made and all my experiences that have helped mold me and my family into who we are today. 

2 Happy Thoughts:

Becky Clinton said...

I LOVE this post. Just for today, Sarah, NO WHINING! Just for today. If you need to throw a fit tomorrow, go ahead but I bet you don't then either. You're just that kind of gal. No fits.

Jamie C. said...

Well, I for one, was one of those that kind of freaked when I heard "Kansas". But I always say, "It's not where you are, it's who you're with." ANd obviously I love my family and we would be happy wherever we are as long as we're together, but it also extends to your friends and ward members, and I'm just so glad that you are here too. You are a fun, fun gal. Fun chatting today. See you Friday. Call if you need directions.