March 24, 2011

The Laminectomy of Sara Whetten

 The Day of the Surgery was 3-17-11 at Salina Regional Medical Center in Salina ks

My Doctor was Dr.A.Manguoglu

I got to the hospital at 8am and went straight to the ambulatory services to get prepared for the surgery that was set for 11am. This is my Outfit I wore for the Surgery!

Let's not forget the Anti-Blood Clotting Thigh Highs

I even got a pair of comfy socks

Dr.Monguoglu was running behind on his surgery and I ended up waiting till 1. The anesthesiologist Allen gave me the "Fun" stuff,  and as they started to roll me to the O.R. that is the last thing I remember. I woke up in Ambulatory and I remember asking for water and telling them " MY Back Hurts". My nurse Lisa said you will have your meds soon and your water.

I was hooked to a morphine drip and I had this little button I could press for pain. It kinda scared me. I was mentally telling myself to breath. I only stayed on it till 11:30 that night then I asked for the pill form. Hydrocodone.

I have 15 staples in my lower back and I am not going to post a picture of it . I am healing but I have to say the one thing I dislike the most of this whole experience is being so dependent on others for everything. I am really not enjoying laying around all day. Especially because it's spring break and the weather is so nice. I would rather be out side with my kids building fairy houses. Doesn't that just sound fun. For the first 6 weeks I can sit up for a SHORT period of time. I can walk short distances at a time. I am not allowed to lift,twist, or do housework.. Not to upset about the housework, actually enjoying the break. I have had allot of help from my husband and all my fabulous friends. 

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Becky Clinton said...


SarahLiz said...

yep scary, but listen to your dr and let yourself heal!!!! i promise, it WILL get better. love ya!

Benson Family said...

I'm glad that you are recovering! Wish I was there to help!

Amber Edwards said...

oh my goodness Sara! what an experience! I wouldn't be upset about the housework either. :)

I hope you don't have to stay on the pain medicine very long! My mom is on Hydrocodone from her knee surgery 6 years ago...there were complications but, the thing is, when you are on THAT drug for too long, it starts playing with your memory. So I hope the pain starts going away in good time and you can get off of it. :) It's great on short time spans though.

The Whetten Family said...

Feeling better as each day goes by. Thanks for all the well wish's love you all!