February 1, 2011

The Fun of Family

HOW exciting to be 8 !

I love my kids. The 8th birthday in our house is so exciting. Well this year it was Hailey's turn. We had family drive here for the wonderful event... That is Hailey's baptism! Not only did we have family thinking about Hailey but a good friend of mine Emma made Hailey a white Posie to wear on her very special day. * Thanks Emma* Here are a few of my favorite. 



3 Happy Thoughts:

Wendy said...

Yeah for you and your family!!!!

Pen-nut said...

I love the pictures - she looks beautiful. Tell her Aunt Penny loves her and is proud of her decision to be baptized.

wendybird said...

Okay, hello????? where have I been, these pictures are awe-some! I love the one with the bishop. And the one with you and Hailey is so precious. She's such a good girl.