January 20, 2011

Recipe's for the Taking

Recipes for the Taking.
To Good not to try!!
So You better!!!!!
Potato soup ( so good)
7 C water
6 tsp chicken boullion granules
6-7 potatoes peeled and diced
1/2 onion chopped
1 TBSP parsley chopped
1 Carrot Grated ( I sliced mine thin)
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup flour
2 Cup Milk

Bacon cooked and crumbled
Ham cubed

mix water , bouillon, potatoes, onion, parsley, and carrot in a stew pot: Bring to boil and then simmer until tender. In a small saucepan, melt butter and stir in flour. When well blended and smooth, slowly stir in milk, stirring constantly. Bring to a boil, then add to soup. Top with bacon, cubed ham, and/or grated cheese.

Crock Pot Chicken w/ black beans and cream cheese YUM!
4-5 boneless chicken breast 
1 (15oz) black beans
1 (15oz) Corn
1 (15oz) Salsa any kind
1 (8oz) Cream Cheese

Take Frozen chicken and place into crockpot.
Add the cans of veggies and salsa
keep in crock pot on high for about 4-5 hours or until chicken is cooked.
Add Cream cheese Just throw it on top and let sit for about 1/2 hour
All done ... Enjoy... Serve over rice..

The BEST Crockpot Chili Recipe EVER
2-16oz cans Kidney beans drained
2-14oz cans tomato's (your preference)
2 lbs ground beef browned and drained
1- large onion
1- green bell pepper
1 - red bell pepper
2- tbs minced garlic
3- tbs chili powder
1- tbs black peeper
1- tsp cumin
1- 6oz can jalapeƱos (w/juice)
2- tsp Tabasco (optional)
Add all ingredients to Crockpot on high for first hour. Reduce heat to low and continue to cook for 5 hrs.
NOTE: You might want to double the recipe cause you are really going to love this chili.
Thank you for sharing Chef Bryan :)

2 Happy Thoughts:

Pen-nut said...

Mmmm - sounds really good. I'll have to try that chicken one soon.

Wendy said...

Soups are really yummy! We just had some great chili around here.