December 5, 2010

Love Doesn't Keep

" Love Doesn't Keep, but your family will have more than enough if you share it"
"Fair Share" Food for thought; You're not just giving the LORD 10% He's giving us 90%

These exact posters hang on my computer hutch to remind me why it's important to pay our tithing.
Tithing for me is not always easy. It's not something I grew up with being a convert and honestly times are tough. Sometimes you look at your Balance and think how will I feed my family? How will I provide for them? Sometimes I sit in church and wish I was as lucky as all the members that were born into it. Things seem to come so easy to them. Then I think to myself I'm learning, I'll be there someday.
So why is this slip so intimidating to me? It shouldn't be! I should Know the lord will provide for me and my family. I need to have more "FAITH" in god and know he will provide for us. I was so touched today in church by a testimony on tithing I cried!!!. It totally spoke to my heart... I thought to myself for the 100th time don't worry Sara it will be okay. Just Pay your Tithing.... So today I am fasting and praying that I may have more faith in my heavenly father.  I want to have a testimony of tithing and obviously by this post you will all know I don't. The intentions are there but sometimes it's hard to give your last $200 dollars away and still need to feed your family.  I feel blessed to be in such a wonderful ward and to have a Bishop that truly cares for us. It's amazing what fellowship and kindness can do to one's spirit. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for all the blessings we receive daily.

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Sara- your faith is evident in this post. I struggle with tithing, too. Some months are easier to pay, for sure. But you have more faith than you know. To pay that check when times are so tough shows a great deal of faith and obedience you already possess. Thank you for a beautiful reminder. Keep it up, girl. You are inspiring. :)

Herring Family said...

Sara! You are awesome! I was raised in the church and it is not always easy for me either! You are definitely not alone! I'm still working too! Love you!


Jenny said...

Very inspiring words Sarah. Thanks for sharing them.

And just because one grows up in the church (like me) that does not mean that there are no struggles of faith, growth to happen, and concepts and principles to learn. ;-)
Funny because I often envy the convert in that I often wonder what I would have done if the missionaries knocked on my door or if a friend shared the gospel with me. I often wonder if I would have been strong enough to change, learn and do as instructed.