November 3, 2010

It's time to write.

Every few months I feel the need to type away on my blog about all the things I am feeling. So here I go.

Leaving South Carolina was very emotional I miss our home. Our custom paint we choose, the fence Wayne built, the play house he made for the kids before he deployed. I really enjoyed being a Homeowner.I Loved Bookman Road Elementry and am so grateful for the 4 years we spent at that A-mazing school. Not to mention the special friends we had to leave behind. But the time came the army wanted us to uproot once again. The Army needed my husband in Kansas, my initial thought was "What the bleep for" Kansas really? Tornadoes, flat boring nothingness. Why oh why!!!! I was still excited to move and be with my Love.. So I made it as positive as I could.

Getting to Kansas was exciting somewhere new to explore and still not sure why we are here! Its one of those moments in my life that almost takes my breath away. It's part of God's plan for my family to be here. I am totally amazed. All the hesitation, resistance, complaining. Let me explain a little more in detail. So many opportunity's for us have been possible because we came here. Our testimony strengthen and that to me is better than to have a home that I call my own. Yes I said it.... One day I would like to have both but today I see why God choose for us to come to Manhattan ks.

So my next topic. Transitioning from Deployment to home. This should be fairly easy for us since we have done 3 deployments and numerous trainings apart. Hello, wake up, its not...... It's equally hard on the spouse and the soldier.. I love having my hubby home don't get me wrong but must we relive our first year of marriage all over again really?????

I am a military spouse, life is not easy for me or my children but we love our country and support Wayne. He is amazing he has done amazing things that I honestly do not know I could mentally handle. So If I have to go through 100 deployments I will. I do ask that GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH......

Parenting: I have come to realize that parents don't know what they are doing DUH. We learn as we go. We pick and choose what was passed onto us and put that in place with our children and add into it our own personalities. We do our best, we are human and No one is PERFECT! As long as we strive to be better and put Christ in our family always we will always make good parenting choices because we are guided by the spirit or so I believe.

So I'm sick today and emotional about life but I do know that God has a plan for us. It may not always be what we want but there is a reason for it. I love my amazing family and look forward to a better tomorrow...

3 Happy Thoughts:

PL Rath said...

Sara you are truly an amazing woman. I am thankful everyday to have you in our family. You make me want to be a better mother, wife and friend.

Wendy said...

I enjoyed your post about life and the reality of life. You express your faith in your hope that God loves you and has a real plan for you. Keep with that faith and hope! The plan isn't always as obvious as I have hoped it would be but it becomes clear sometimes much later.

Thanks for joining my blog! I look forward to your comments and input!

wendybird said...

You are a great woman of faith. You are an inspiration to all that are lucky enough to call you friend.