September 25, 2010

Noelle's Fishing ADVENTURE.

The Story
In Noelle's school letter they offered a 2 day free fishing clinic to kids ages 8-13. I thought to myself what a perfect opportunity for Noelle & Wayne to have a father & daughter date. Friday night Noelle attended a class were she learned how to tie a hook, different kinds of bait, Fish, yada yada yada.. Saturday the kids had the opportunity to put there skills they learned to work. Noelle was so excited. They told the kids whoever caught the biggest fish would get a prize and whoever caught the smallest fish. Well Noelle caught the biggest. A Catfish 1.6lbs and she let it go. She won a huge trophy. a $50 dollar gift card to walmart, a Embroidered camping bag & allot of self-confidence. I was so proud of her.

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