December 18, 2009

A month to reflect and be Thankful!

Well this last month has come and gone! I am enjoying the first day home with the kids for winter break. Can you believe in just 2 short weeks it will be 2010. WOW!! Time sure flys. Well Wayne came home 4 months into his tour to Iraq for R&R and we relished every moment with him. All good things must come to an End Though and he headed back on Tuesday. Friday I spent the day at Bookman with the girls and my feelings of sadness came over me. I love that school and in just 6 short months we will be moving to Kansas. I thought wow Noelle has been here since Kindergarden and she will be in 4th grade. Isnt that crazy. Ms.Bibb (noelle's teacher) is so sweet. One of the boys Will is moving to Alaska so we threw him a little farwell party and did a north pole Alsakin theme. Ms.Bibb said we will have to do a tornado theme for noelle. :( She started crying and said I really dont want anymore kids to leave... Awww my heart strings were tugged on.

So as the new year approches I have so much to get in order including my hectic lifestyle. Trying to make Running a number 1 priority of my day. Really getting into crafty things and thinking how much I love taking pictures and playing with them on I am so awful at updating my blog. Yes I know!!!! So that is another priority. I feel so much, I miss my family and think of how horrible I am at seeing them. So as you can see I have allot of things I would like to make prioritys but with 3 kids and no husband its hard to just have me time...

I have feel inspired to share with you how much, I love my ward. Things look better everyday my testimony of christ grows and I feel his love for me. I try hard everyday to think of others before myself and put christ first. Its not easy but I do it and I have really made a connection with some really great familys. I am thankful for our new bishop. He is a true blessing and Heavenly Father new what the Whettens needed. There are some wonderful people that have reached out to us LDS and Not and I will miss them dearly. But they have made my time here easier and given me the love my own family would..So here are some great familys that I am blessed to know that have touched my life and heart in specail ways. Thank you
~The Griffens
~The Hookers
~The Bensons
~The Trapps (LOVE them)
~The Georges
~The Hernandez's
~The Dawsons
~Mrs.Bobby LOVE U
~The Watsons (sniffles) I love you guys

Just a few from the top of my head. Anyways I will miss my Life in South Carolina. I will miss all my wonderful friends and Family. I will will miss Bookman Road Elementry. I will miss our beautiful home, the beach, the list goes on and on.. But I cannot wait to hold wayne and be a family again. I miss him and am thankful for all he does for us and our country.. ~ Till next time :)

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