November 14, 2009

Gratitude & Update on Wayne!

I have been so blessed, I feel so thankful to god for the wonderful people in my life that make it easier for me to endure this deployment. Every little thing to me is such a Big deal. It could be just a conversation someone has with konner. It just makes me so happy when people care. Everyone shows it in diffrent ways but they are all wonderful.

Wayne is doing well, here is the latest update: . The Platoon truly embodies the spirit of a Sapper; aggressively tackling and accomplishing any and all missions. We actively engage in every type of mission conducted by the BSTB. We are partners with an Iraqi Army Battalion and recently traveled to their Headquarters to meet their Soldiers and Officers. The goal of the partnership is to provide support to them thereby making them the most effective fighting force possible and working ourselves out of a job in Iraq. We are responsible for the economic stability and security of the city of Maftul and work with its local leaders to provide business grants to stimulate their economy. We provide security for resupply convoys to and from FOB Bernstein to ensure the BSTB always has the supplies it needs to continue it’s mission. We use our heavy equipment to finish construction of the firing range on FOB Bernstein and we rotate with the other Sapper Platoons in serving as a quick reaction force for the area. Our schedule is intense and constantly changing but throughout it the Soldiers of 3rd Platoon maintain unparaOver the past month 3rd Platoon has developed into the most flexible and diverse asset available to the BSTB on FOB Bernsteinlleled professionalism, devotion to the mission and dedication to each other.
The past month brought the addition of three new Soldiers to the Platoon; PFC Bencini, PVT Enos, and PFC Frenzel, all previously of 1st Brigade 1st Infantry Division and now proud 4th Brigade Sappers. They have already proven themselves to be competent professional Soldiers and are assets to the Platoon.

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