August 12, 2009


Wow!!!! I have just had an eventful week and the days seem to be getting harder, not easier. I feel like Allot is asked of me not only as a single mother, but as a friend. Konner is old enough now that he has basically grown out of nap time. We have a rest time but during our night time routine he feels the need to be so strong willed I spend half the night getting him to bend to my will. He is so tired and sometimes I am too. But I cant give in, He cant win I need my time. His body needs the rest as well.

I have thought allot this week and I have personally come to the conclusion that Im to nice for my own good. I love my friends dont get me wrong. I dont always agree with the choices they make but a friend is a friend. I am learning to say how I feel even if it offends the other person, although I have to say its so hard for me because I am a people pleaser and I dont like people to get upset with me. I feel like Im always bending to the needs of others. I have to just get ahold of this because I really dont want it to affect my family. Anyways thats my thoughts today..~ Sara

1 Happy Thoughts:


Good for you Sara!! You definitely can't please everyone. And right now is not the time to bend yourself needlessly.

Keep strong on Konner's nighttime routine! It will totally pay off. You need your "recharge Sara" time!

Love you!