August 5, 2009

Thoughts for the day!

Some days it hard to understand people, why they are the way they are, and the decisions that we make. I go through life hopeing I dont affend anyone and trying to make the best decisions possible. Sometimes I feel as if I did something wrong and somedays I know its not me. I feel blessed with the small few people that have become my friends. I have come to realize what a True Friend is. I try not to judge others and some days it is hard for me. I try to see both sides of every story. I am always opptamistic but I also feel the weight of the world. As much as I try to not judge, I feel I am judged by others. I know once people get to know me they will come to discover what a kind of person I am. Well I believe I am a good person and a great friend. I also make mistakes. But isnt that what life is about. Learning from your mistakes. God has truley blessed me with some amazing friendships that will last forever. There are people that have made such an impact on many aspects of my life, and I am forever greatful to them. ~sara

4 Happy Thoughts:

Millers! said...

Sara, I love you thoughts! I think you are a fantastic Woman! I love you and miss you so much.. I wish we lived closer together.. anyone who judges you without knowing you isnt worth being friends with.. I judge you cause I CAN.. LOL totally kidding.. you know I never judge you, I think you are awesome!
Love you girl!

Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

Sara, I think you are Fabulous!!!. I love how postive you even when you don't have to be. I feel the same way a lot about what you said in your thought.
Just remember God loves you more then we can ever imagine. I love you Sara!!!! I think you are the best.


I wholly agree with Lesa and Katrina- you are fabulous and fantastic. Thank you for your thoughts! It is so difficult sometimes to understand others, but all that really matters is knowing that YOU are never misunderstood by God. He knows your heart better than anyone else and loves you more than we can ever comprehend. Keep your chin up and smile! Love you!

Vic and Marion said...

I am very thankful to call you my friend, Sara! I will forever hold Germany close to my heart because of your friendship. Thanks for your inspiring spirit!