September 23, 2008

Busy Busy !!!

Well I am not so good at updating my blog as my friends but I try hard. Well as most of you know from my previous post I have took a full time position as the assistant manager for Justice for Girls a clothing store. So far I love it. Being Retail though my hours vary. I am a little apprehensive because I have been a stay at home mom for the last 7 years. So accepting this is a huge commintment on my part. Wayne's Recruiter orders got cancelled once again. So his plan ( wishful thinking ) is to call Branch and volunteer for korea for a year or Iraq. Regardless the kids and I will stay here. To build equity in our home, and stability for the kids and school. Hailey was in a concert at school last night. She is so cute. They sang songs about American and asked everyone to PLEASE VOTE. It was Precious.

I am overwhelmed between Dr.apt's, church, work, kids, school, friends, ect.. I am trying my hardest to balance it all out. I am so controlling Im not sure if it will work or not. lol.

I have to say something to my baumholder branch peeps. I am so greatful for my experiance there. It was such a blessing. I truley miss my friends. We have all moved to seperate parts of the state and I really miss the fellowship and support.
Not that my ward is not supportive, it's just diffrent. Speaking of we went to the Benson/Trapp house and picked Grapes and sweet potatoes. I love that family.. They are so great. They always make you smile and they are so down to earth.

Anyways with all my randomness. Wish me luck on my new endever and keep us in your prayers. I hope wayne goes to Korea Not Iraq...

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Vic and Marion said...

You are in my prayers, I also have not found the comfort in my wards since I left Baumholder.
Vic is also going to put in for Korea when he completes the aweful world of Recruiting. Only to put equity into our own home and also the fact I'm so close to family. I hope you find a way to balance everything. May the Lord bless you in your needs! Miss ya lots!

Orr Family said...

He could go to Kuwait too! They have a ton of guys do one year tours there! And Daniel will be there! I wish you guys luck! Oh, and for Daniel's year in Korea, no extra money, he did not get his BAS and only got FSA and $100 cola and $50 HD SO with the extra expense of a second internet, phone, and food we actually spent more than we were getting extra! SO you may want him to go to Kuwait for the extra money!

Millers! said...

I LOVE YOU SARA!!!! Keep up the hard work... you are so awesome!

Benson Family said...

We're glad y'all came for a visit. You're a great person and we're so glad to have y'all in the ward.

Anna Allred said...


Seriously. A Lot. I think finding the balance is a lifelong pursuit, but perhaps with time it becomes easier to take on each challenge. You guys are in our prayers and I hope Wayne goes somewhere safe.

Baumholder is definitely an experience to cherish. I think it was the unique atmosphere of the branch. All our hubbies were deployed at the same time and we were dealing with the same stress in a foreign land. So not only were we united in faith, we were united in nationality. That situation just doesn't happen here. And that's ok. But you are right. It's different. I'm lucky to be in an awesome ward. Just as awesome as Baumholder, but definitely different.

Anyways, you rock! Call me sometime 505-803-0890. Love you!

The Bellies said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I was blog hopping and found you. I'm glad you are going to be here longer but sorry to hear that plans have changed again. Let's try to get together again!