August 7, 2008

Yard Re-do #2

3 Trees in the back that we planted. 2 Japanese Snow and 1 red Crape mertel.

view to back porch

View of back of house next to porch!

Play set!

Other side of the fence and my Plants do you see them on there.

4 Happy Thoughts:

Anna Allred said...

Ok, if I were moving to South Caroline, I would totally rent your house. Or try to convince you to sell it to me! You did a great job making it beautiful!! I so need you to come help me with my house. It's AWFUL! You always had such an eye for beauty and how to make a place a home. I miss you and I love you!

Emma said...

it goes look really good. :] mine doesn't look that good, it's all torn up! ps- just wanted to tell you that i keep trying to add you to my blog, but for some reason, it keeps saying there is an error on the page, and it won't upload your name... it's REALLY making me mad. and, it's super easy to add a picture up top, so just let me know when you want to do it!

Orr Family said...

Love it!! I would be over there everyday for playtime!! I can not believe you might be moving again! You sound like me! Daniel deploys in October, and I am debating about moving while he is gone?? At least it will be a nice job though! I know your feeling about finally getting comfortable. And moving the girls again! It seems it was so easy to move when they were young, but now I hate to take Hayden away from friends! Keep me updated on the move!! And post more pictures of the children! Hayden loves to see her friends and see what they are doing!

Millers! said...

My Lanta I love it!!!!!!!!! Ok seriously you did an amazing job.. Kudos to Wayne for getting the beautiful fence up! your yard looks beautiful.. i love that I can picture everything since I have been there, that is the best part!