August 7, 2008

Yard Re-do

Okay so we have been busy,busy,busy! My mom and sister came down for a week. Noelle got her ears pierced. My mom helped me plant 4 trees. 2 crape Mertelle, 2 Japanese snow trees, and 1 avigorated willow.Well also Wayne built our fence so we can now throw the kids in the backyard. j/k... After all this work, Wayne gets orders. Yes that's right orders for Recruiter. He starts school next month and we have no idea where we will be going. If anyone is coming to South Carolina I have a house that will be going up for rent soon. He is going to try to defer his orders till the girls are done with school. But no promises, we all know how the military is..

My feelings on this are mixed I finally feel like we are settling down and getting adjusted to southern hospitality. Guess What Nope your moving. UGH it makes me Crazy.

Frontal view of our house Note the beautiful Landscaping

Front Flower Bed and Front Pourch

White Crape Mertle

Side view tward the a/c planted some white wispie's in front . Note the willow on the side.

Side view of the House.

2 Happy Thoughts:

WayneJohn said...

Just a thought, you might want to blur out your license plate on the vehicle. Better safe than sorry.

I also wanted to let you know that I am running a help series on my blog. Would love to see you around there! Cheers!

Beth and Family said...

do you do all your own landscaping? (that is not my specialty - I do like the lantana I bought this year, although it overgrew and then stopped blossoming, so i cut it back and I think i stunted it!) least the zinias look good (I asked for 'idiot proof plant ideas' from people!) anyways, found your blog, here is mine: