May 15, 2008

Summer Shenanigans

Summer is quickley approching and a hot one it is already. We have been doing allot of gardening and as soon as I take pics I will post so you all can see what a green thumb the whetten girls have. Wayne is working and taking classes at Troy college. YEAH WAYNE. Me and Noelle are flying to California on the 29th for my sisters graduation from High School . I will go into more details tommorow but here is the most recent.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Benson Family said...

Hey girl! Hope you're doing great! It was fun to see your new pictures. Talk to you soon!

Millers! said...

your girls get prettier and prettier! how fun... have fun in California... too bad we are missing you by just a few days!

Allreds said...

I love your new pictures!! You guys look like you're having lots of fun!!